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Tell us your story and we will publish it on Global Limerick. If you are not born in Limerick City or County, or are not from Limerick – that’s not a problem – give us your views, impressions or experiences on the Limerick headings.

content-galery-3Use the template below as you enter your information into an email. Send it to Make sure to include some photos /or images.

We will then add you to the Limerick diaspora wall!




Your Name:
Current Location:
What area of Limerick are you originally from?
Why did you leave Limerick and settle where you are now?
Describe your life?
Your job?
What do you miss about Limerick?
What has changed in Limerick?
Even though you live elsewhere, is being from Limerick or connected to Limerick important to you still? Tell us a bit about how and why that is so.
Favourite Limerick memory?
Email address?

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