Limerick’s Swinging Sixties

The Limerick Leader newspaper in 2012 produced six special supplements that looked back at thirty years of events in Limerick life from 1965 to 1994. The first of these supplements was published in February 2012 and covered the 2nd half of the ‘swinging sixties’ in Limerick. The stories from 1965-69 included the opening of new TV & electrical shops, local elections, stories about storms and bad weather, Foot & Mouth threats, the death of Donogh O’Malley, a legendary Limerick politician and a major fire in Limerick City.

The fire occurred in Cruises Hotel on lower O’Connell Street during August 1968 and the story is reproduced here from the Leader supplement. It describes the bravery of those who rescued guests that were trapped in the hotel by the smoke and flames and drew attention to inadequacies with the city firefighting equipment. It highlighted the heroic work of people such as Tom Roche and Garda John King in rescuing the trapped guests. The photographs with the story give a real insight into the danger of the situation and the rescuing of the guests.

Story courtesy of the Limerick Leader.
Edited by: John King.

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