Limerick All-Ireland & World Champions.

LIMERICK are the “champions of the world”, declared JP McManus.

The long serving Limerick GAA sponsor visited the victorious Limerick hurling dressing room beneath the Hogan Stand to a rapturous reception as he lofting the Liam MacCarthy Cup high.

“When they win the NFL in America they call themselves world champions, so in hurling now Limerick are the world champions,” he declared.

Limerick - All-Ireland & World Champions.

Limerick – All-Ireland & World Champions.

“If I had my way I would make it a Bank Holiday,” added the South Liberties man of the Monday celebrations in Limerick.

“It’s so special – I am really proud. I don’t know if I ever got as much pleasure out of a game as I got today and I know I have a heart,” he said in reference to the tension filled final 10-minutes.

“We are involved with this group of lads but to say they are involved is not enough – this is a committed bunch. It’s an old phrase of my but the difference between being involved and being committed is like when you have bacon and egg for breakfast – the hen was involved but the pig was committed!” said McManus.

Courtesy Limerick Leader.


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