A Chunk of the Treaty Stone


Stone of the Broken Treaty, Limerick City, 1921.

The Treaty Stone is renowned to have been the site on which the Treaty of Limerick was signed in 1691 signalling the end of the Williamite War in Ireland. The first known site of the Treaty Stone was located on the left side of Thomond Bridge as you travel from Thomondgate towards the Castle. It was situated here for over a hundred and fifty years during which time it was often used as a step to mount horses.

In 1851, a new trend was noticed and recorded in the local newspapers. This trend saw the removal of pieces of the Treaty Stone to send out of the country. One county Limerick woman who was caught in the act that year of hammering at the stone with a two pound iron weight stated that her brother had written to her from New Orleans asking for a piece of the Treaty Stone. He wanted his sister to kiss it before sending it so he would have a memento of home and he said that he also wanted it to show it new acquaintances in America.

treatystoneIn 1863, it was in the city decided to put an end to the souvenir hunters eroding the stone and a public fund was announced to raise money to erect a pedestal. In 1865, the pedestal was erected by the city council on the right side of Thomond Bridge and the Treaty Stone was mounted on top. This was not the final location for the Treaty Stone as in 1990, with increased traffic using Thomond Bridge it was decided that the Treaty Stone had become a hazard to road users and it was moved further down Clancy Strand, looking directly at the Castle. Now the souvenirs that tourist take with them are encased in their cameras.

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