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Limerick Bulletin January 2018

Catch the latest news from Limerick City and County. The Council of Europe Development Bank sign off on an €85M

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Limerick Court in 1950 sentences man to work in Galway bog

In 1950 at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court a case was tried before Judge Barry O’Brian. The accused plead guilty to

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Limerick’s International Gardens underway

It is said that the Great Pyramid of Giza took around 15 years to build. The Titanic took just over

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IBM report on Limerick’s future

Fifteen recommendations made to allow better use of technology to achieve greater results A report by worldwide leading technology company

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The 10 best travel blogs about Limerick.

Living in a city can often result in your forgetting how others perceive it. I think it was Patrick Kavanagh

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UL to Limerick City – recreational route leads the way.

New UL to City riverside route deserves to be used and replicated across city  If someone were to ask you

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Attychraan loop walk  

Tell us your story

Tell us your story and we will publish it on Global Limerick. If you are not born in Limerick City

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JFK in Limerick 1963

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the USA, visited Limerick City on Saturday 29th June 1963 on the last day of

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The Home Parish

The parish plays a large role in the life of Irish people whether it is schools, religion or sports. They

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