Limerick author on her 25th book.

Limerick’s Judi Curtin sees her 25th book, Stand By Me, hit the shelves this week. It’s a moment she says she never expected to achieve, following her whirlwind success in children’s literature.

The lilac book, adorned with colourful, doodly illustrations, is the second in a series about best friends Molly and Beth, as they again travel back in time. A record player and a pair of groovy Lennon-esque sunglasses on the cover give a hint to what lies ahead – or behind – for the friends.

Judi Curtin

Judi Curtin

Judi, who lives in Limerick city, is well-loved for her tales of female friendship and discovery. Her Alice and Megan series catapulted her into every children’s library in Ireland – and many around the world. After that, fans stuck around and their hearts were captured by Eva.

“I’ve written a few time-travel books,” said Judi. “It’s just me, I’d love to go back and see things, first of all that I’ve never experienced… But also to go back to times that you have experienced – you might think, ‘I’d like to do that again’.

“I play around with those ideas in the books. And you have to deal with the issue that if you go back, can you actually change what you’ve done already…” she mused.

Judi likes experimenting with those themes and ideas, and a lot of research often goes into her accurate portrayals of times gone by, whether it’s a voyage to Ancient Rome or more recent decades.

“It’s great fun with the settings. My previous one, Time After Time, was partially set in the 1980s, and I had a lot of fun with that, I remember the 1980s very well. This time, it’s the 1960s, which I don’t have many clear memories of, so I had to rely more on research for this one,” she said.

“This is Molly and Beth’s second outing. There are a few new characters in it. There’s a great-uncle called Graham, and I like making quirky, older people – people who just don’t act the way people expect them to act,” she said.

“I’m always reluctant, when I come up with characters, to leave them too quickly. It’s something I’ll be deciding over the next weeks and months, whether or not I’ll write a third outing for Molly and Beth. But I’d say, if you were a betting person, the chances might be kind of good,” she hinted – good news for fans of Judi’s newest duo.

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